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mentioning the dog, you had to do it again. >> spoiler! >> thanks for watching. see you tomorrow. "special report" is next. >> don't forget "fox and friends"! massacres on both sides of egypt's conflict while the man that ruled with an iron fist for decades may soon get out of jail. this is "special report." good evening, i'm bret baier. the violence in egypt has gone from widespread to concentrated. 25 off duty policemen were killed overnight in the sinai. sunday at least 36 prison detainees died during alleged escape. that's how the interim government describes it. muslim brotherhood called the killings assassinations. the head of the muslim brotherhood received another extension of his confinement
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while his predecessor may soon be released. why does egypt matter? because it is seen as a linchpin in the middle east and is crucial to u.s. ally israel's defense. we have fox team coverage. ed henry at the white house, looking at the administration's evolving policy. but leland vittert has more. >> reporter: just past midnight in cairo, where it is relatively calm but far from quiet, given rumors that hosni mubarak, former president, may get out of jail. right now, it appears as though the army is winning the battle for the strength against the muslim brotherhood gunmen and battle for hearts and minds of the egyptian people, although it is coming at a high price. under a banner on state tv reading egypt fighting terrorism, a military jet brought back the bodies of 25 police recruits killed execution style overnight by jihadist
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militants and left on the side of a road in the sinai peninsula. a clear message of revenge from groups loyal to the muslim brotherhood, allegedly for the death of 36 brotherhood prisoners in an escape attempt from this jail earlier sunday. egypt's military hoped to prevent such attacks by rounding up hundreds of brotherhood supporters and leadership, along with this man, the brother of al qaeda's leader and leading jihadist in egypt. authorities arrested him saturday just as brotherhood gunmen made a violent last stand in a mosque. taking pot shots at the crowd. finally riot police backed by soldiers stormed the building, fighting through to the cheers of the masses. brotherhood organizers managed to gather a few00 dread, saying this is a war against islam, deposing president mohamed
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morsi. the honor of protecting the will of the people is more valuable to us and to me personally than the honor of ruling egypt, he said. by morning, his words were front page headlines, but little comfort to those reading them. we are afraid. we don't know whataid this woman on the streets, now under martial law with tanks on every corner. >> reporter: today, former president hosni mubarak's lawyers said the deposed president may get out of jail in the next couple of days but that would mean the army risking another round of protests when they just won the battle for the street, a battle that could turn into a long war if the brotherhood and supporters decide that suicide bombings and other attacks are a better way to be heard than political protests. >> christians makeup 10% of egypt's population, that's more than 10 million people. there have been a lot of attacks
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on churches in recent days. >> reporter: absolutely. the christians are under siege from the muslim brotherhood, dozens of churches were burned, starting on wednesday night by the brotherhood. they view them, the christians, as supporters, sympathizers of the army, somebody to take their anger out on. a couple of nuns were captured, paraded through the streets. they asked for support from the army. the army promises support and protection for the christians. >> leland vittert, thank you. despite his digs on martha's vineyard, president obama was never far from the egypt crisis. ed henry on a returning president who's had to hit the ground running. >> reporter: just back from vacation, president obama is immediately facing pressure to deal with the spiraling situation in egypt, with defense secretary chuck hagel declaring the violence must end, though he quickly added the administration believes it has little leverage. >> our ability to influence the
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outcome in egypt is limited. it's up to the egyptian people and they're a large, great, sovereign nation, and it will be their responsibility to sort this out. >> reporter: some key republicans disagree and hit the sunday talk shows to declare it is time for the president to play an important card, cutting off the $1.3 billion in military aid the u.s. provides egypt each year. >> we have no credibility. we do have influence, but when you don't use that influence, then you do not have that influence. >> reporter: we are not winning the hearts and minds of those in egypt. >> we're going to have a failed state in egypt and have to suspend our aid because we can't support the reaction of the military. >> reporter: hagel said the administration is reviewing every aspect of its relationship with egypt, the president has only announced suspending a planned joint military exercise and halting delivery of four
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f-16 fighter planes, while deliberations over cutting the bigger package of aid are on-going. >> that's the purpose of reviews to determine what impact it would have on our national security, whether it is in compliance with the law, and is it going to get us closer to seeing the kind of outcome in egypt we would like to see which is the prompt return to a democratically elected civilian government. >> reporter: the white house getting coverage from other republicans who say cutting aid would be a mistake. >> there's no good ideas. of the two, there's more opportunity to protect american interests if we work with the military and continue our relationship with the military. >> reporter: the other question is whether u.s. aid matters much anyway when it is dwarfed by $12 billion that's poured into egypt from saudi arabia, the united arab emirates and kuwait in the last month. >> there's no question we overestimated what our leverage was and underestimated the leverage that saudi arabia and uae has had on the government.
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>> reporter: the president was hoping this week would be about his bus tour to pennsylvania and upstate new york thursday and friday to talk about the middle class. this is yet another example of outside events overshadowing his second term agenda. >> ed henry on the north lawn, thank you. the u.n. refugee agency says about 30,000 syrians crossed into iraq kurdish areas. many are trying to escape violence in northeastern syria. the area engulfed in fighting between kurdish militias and factions with links to al qaeda. the man who helped edward snowden leak nsa secrets says a movement to intimidate him will back fire. this after last week they say the nsa did more snooping than the president said. catherine herridge brings us up to date. >> reporter: while the white house denied any roll in the 9 hour detention of the journalist partner, david mir and a, the
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obama administration knew about the controversial move in advance. >> there was a heads up provided by the british government, so again, this is something that we had an indication was likely to occur, but it is not something that we requested. >> reporter: miranda arrived in brazil after being held sunday in london under a terrorism statute that allowed british authorities to confiscate his computers and storage devices. both the white house and state department declined to publicly condemn the incident. >> the united states support his detention? >> i don't have anything more than i just conveyed. >> reporter: greenwald who first published the documents in britain guardian newspaper promised more secrets will be revealed as a result of the incident, which he described as a failed attempt to intimidate him. he said, quote, if anything, it will have the opposite effect, to embolden us even further. with james inhofe, ranking member of the armed services committee confirming to fox through his office he will support investigation of the nsa
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programs, another republican whose amendment to block collection of american phone records was narrowly defeated before the august recess, said on sunday talk shows he has the support to try again. >> i certainly have heard from a number of my colleagues directly and through the media that they feel differently about the amendment now, if they had a second chance, yeah, they might have voted yes on it. >> reporter: the nsa says thousands of violations were unintentional, some democrats are not satisfied. >> getting all of the phone calls from all americans in the united states under the guise of information relevant to an on-going investigation involving foreign intelligence gets all phone calls. that to me is a real stretch. >> reporter: others on capitol hill disagree. >> you have 99.99% compliance and have self reporting errors, these came from internal report which then becomes part of an overall ig report. so i am on the intelligence committee. i am satisfied. >> reporter: the aclu says at
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least 20 pieces of legislation are being considered to modify the nsa programs. adding that's a sign the white house lost credibility on the issue. >> thank you. president obama says republicans want to hurt americans. that's next. and here are some of the stories on fox affiliates. fox 9 in boise, covering the idaho wildfires which continue to rage. wtxf in philadelphia looks at this 56 foot fishing boat that ran aground near caesar's point in atlantic city, bad luck there. authorities are waiting for high tide in 40 minutes to float it back off the beach. and a live look at wjbk. big story there today, an emt who has a heart attack as he is treating a patient for a heart attack. and today's deadline for city creditors to oppose the bankruptcy filing. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we will be right back. copd makes it hard to breathe...
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president obama is coming down hard on republicans that want to get rid of his health care law. jim angle looks at tough talk about obama care opponents. >> reporter: president obama dismisses republican complaints about obama care and accuses them of intentionally inflicting harm. >> they're having a debate between hurting americans who will no longer be denied affordable health care because they've been sick and harming the economy and millions of americans in the process. >> reporter: he criticizes republicans for trying to roll back obama care without offering alternatives. >> they used to say we're going to replace it with something better. there's not even a pretense now they're going to replace it with something better. >> reporter: that wasn't a passing mention. the president repeatedly argues republicans just don't care. >> they used to say they had a replacement. that never actually arrived,
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right? i mean, i've been hearing about the whole replace thing for two years. now i just don't hear about it. >> for the president to say no republican member of congress put up a positive solution or solution to the health care challenges is simply not true. >> reporter: in fact, dr. price has his own plan introduced before obama care was even passed and his isn't the only one. >> i think the president has an incredibly short memory. he seems to have forgotten his campaign spent millions and millions of dollars attacking the john mccain health plan. >> reporter: after the 2008 campaign, that plan was championed in congress and co-sponsored by senator tom coburn and paul ryan. >> it would grant refundable tax credit to every american, treatise the same, unlike obama care. it would not discourage employers from hiring anyone, wouldn't push us all into part-time jobs. >> reporter: one analyst notes most republican plans, including the price plan, would give every american the same tax benefit as those that get tax free employer
3:16 pm
provided health insurance, putting the power and money under the individual's control. >> he who pays the piper calls the tune. if you balk at health care spending, if the government controls your health care spending, they get to ration care. if you control it, you get more controlling over your health care dollars. >> reporter: republicans would let individuals decide what insurance they want, while obama care dictates what benefits people must buy. >> we ought to be moving into patient centered health care, patients and families and doctors making medical decisions, not washington, d.c. >> reporter: republicans made clear they indeed have alternatives, including ways to protect those with pre-existing conditions and ways to reduce costs, in spite of the president's comments to the contrary. >> jim, thank you. an unpublished memo from a congressional research service reports the obama administration missed half of the health care
3:17 pm
law's legally imposed implementation deadlines. says as of may 31st, 9 of 12 first year deadlines not met. 22 of 53 in the second year, 10 of 17 in the third. adds up to 41 of 82, exactly half the deadlines missed. speaking of health care, some folks that work in one of the most famous institutions of higher learning are not happy with their new wellness program. correspondent david lee miller tells us it all starts with a few simple questions. >> reporter: some are calling this the other penn state scandal. the university's 40,000 employees have been told they must answer an online questionnaire as part of a school wellness program or have $100 withheld from their paychecks every month. >> the most troubling part of the survey is when it gets into personal information. >> reporter: some say westbound md survey that asks about height
3:18 pm
and weight goes too far, inquiring about personal ailments, depression, use of tobacco. one reads have you had five or more alcoholic drinks in a single sitting in the last six months? men are asked do you do a monthly testicular self exam. the school says all information is confidential. critics aren't so sure, worry about hacking and other forms of disclosure. professor wesner says his solution is civil disobedience. >> i say they fill out the profiles and fill them with junk. in my profile, 3'8" and 50 pounds. >> reporter: it includes a physical exam. the purpose to lower the cost of employee health care. some health care experts argue what penn state is doing often costs more money than it saves. >> this is not penn state doing this to their employees for
3:19 pm
their own good, this is penn state doing this to their employees for their own bad, because in fact if the employees do what penn state wants them to do and go out and get all these medical care and screens and testing, their costs will skyrocket. >> reporter: lewis says programs like at penn state cost about $300 per employee a year to administer. a recent study shows after four years, annual savings on health care costs per employee is about $130. bret. >> thank you. so what do you think, do you think penn state has the right to ask those questions? let me know on twitter. follow me @bretbaier. jobless figures went down in eight states, the fewest to show decline since january. rates were unchanged in 14 states. stocks began the week down.
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something new tonight in the fox news family, a way for you to stay connected to us instantly. fox news digital politics editor chris stier walt has details. >> i feel it is healthy, happy baby politics. >> what is this thing? >> this thing we're talking about, fox news first, and it is available for you every morning, weekday mornings. it is a digest of what we're reading and thinking about in the fox news washington bureau.
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we have a lot of good people, a lot of smart people and content that goes into making something as good as this, and that process starts overnight and early in the day. what we've done is put it together in a way that's useful, not just for people here, which is good, which we like, and it is good, and we've gotten good feedback from the inside crowd today, but also so folks at home can watch what those folks are doing, make better use of their own government. >> how does somebody sign up to do it? >> i believe there's a tutorial that is available. yes, there is. you go to our web page, then you're asked to give us your e-mail address. we will not do anything bad with your e-mail address, won't give it to the nsa or anything. we will just sign you up. then poof. in your inbox every morning, you get our good work for you. it is a collection of the best news stories we have here at fox and beyond the fox universe so
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it is basically a cheat sheet for the day. you look at it on the telephone, hand computer, get ready to do your day. >> and you roped me into this thing. yeah, no, it has been fun, just behind the scenes, we had a trial run for a couple of weeks doing it every day, and i left some good stuff on the table. >> i was going to say, some of that may make another appearance, but we call it bear tracks. thank you for indulging us, letting us call it that. from you, from ed henry, carl cameron, we have seen stuff that's not what it was going to be, 20 minutes spent digging into it, what's on my mind, what am i thinking about, where am i looking. for viewers and readers for the rest of the day. >> looking forward to it. great read. thanks. in mexico, the students aren't the only ones that should
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and now, fresh pickings from the political grapevine. no public sightings of embattled mayor bob filner today, following a stint in rehab, he was scheduled to be back at work. but it might not be for long. a recall campaign has begun,
3:30 pm
following allegations of sexual harassment. recall organizers must gather 102,000 signatures in the next 39 days to take the issue to the voters. 16 women, including former employees, a university dean, and a retired navy rear admiral made accusations against filner. most recently, a 67-year-old great grandmother who volunteers in the city program to help senior citizens said filner made repeated sexual advances and urged her to keep quiet last month when others came forward. filner has refused to step down, despite urging from fellow democrats, including house minority leader nancy pelosi and senators dianne feinstein and barbara boxer. as former democratic congressman jesse jackson junior serves his two and a half year prison term for spending $750,000 of campaign funds on personal, lavish expenses, you might be interested to know that he is eligible for a monthly
3:31 pm
check from the federal government. a chicago tv station reports jackson is eligible for $8700 a month in disability payments for bipolar disorder, a condition he never mentioned during his 17 year tenure in congress. his talent as federal worker qualifies him for $45,000 a year pension once he turns 65. elementary school students in mexico are headed back to class today to brand new textbooks, chalk full of errors. teachers are trying to fix at least 117 mistakes by hand, including misspellings, punctuation problems, a and geography errors. the mistakes weren't found until they were printed. they say the mistakes are unforgivable but blames his predecessors. a case before the u.s. supreme court this fall features a struggle between people that want to pray in public and those
3:32 pm
who do not want them to. it is an old argument with a new twist. chief washington correspondent james rosen says you might be surprised where the obama administration is coming down. >> give them the guidance for the community. >> reporter: located a few minutes north of rochester, greece, new york is the center of a landmark supreme court case, stemming from prayers that long opened the town's monthly council meetings. >> pray to you our lord and god. >> reporter: one resident jewish and atheist sued for separation of church and state. during the nine year period of the practice to the eve of the filing of the lawsuit, a period involving exclusively christian prayer givers, plaintiffs argue, over two-thirds included christian language and no other
3:33 pm
religions referenced. they set the stage for the supreme court to hear the case. >> those of us as christians remember the tremendous sacrifice jesus made for each of us. >> reporter: the obama administration sided with the town. the court of appeals approach, justice department argued in a brief this month would require courts to decide questions like whether references to the holy spirit are uniquely christian, whether prayers to allah are uniquely muslim, and whether references to particular prayers to king of kings are jewish, christian, or muslim. >> obama administration didn't have to confront this question squarely, now they do, and they will certainly disappoint some liberals with this decision. >> one case, the government says prayer in front of legislative assembly is fine, but the same department of justice argues that you can compel a business owner to violate their religious conscience when it comes to the issue of abortion. the supreme court is expected to hear oral arguments on the case
3:34 pm
in october or november. bret? >> thank you. breaking news, the air force says a b 1 b bomber crashed in southeastern montana today. it says all four crew members survived after ejecting from the aircraft. the plane was based out of ellsworth air force base. no word on the cause of that accident yet. the judge in the court martial of the fort hood shooter won't allow prosecutors to use evidence concerning his motivation. military prosecutors opened the trial saying they would show major hasan felt he had a jihad duty. he is accused of killing 13 and wounding more than 30. south african olympic star oscar pistorius was indicted for the murder of his celebrity girlfriend. he wept in court. witnesses heard a woman screaming before the sound of fatal shots fired by the double amputee. pistorius contends he thought he
3:35 pm
was shooting an intruder. the killing in egypt continues and the man who used to call the shots there may walk. we'll get reaction from the fox all stars when we return. this man is about to be the millionth customer. would you mind if i go ahead of you? instead we had someone go ahead of him and win fiy thousand dollars. congratulations you are our one millionth customer. nobody likes to miss out. that's why ally treats all their customers the same. whether you're the first or the millionth. if your bank doesn't think you're special anymore, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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no decisions about economic aid have been made, but they're subject to evaluation through the same criteria, which is section 7008, and determination about the national security interests of the united states of america. >> we certainly shouldn't cut off all aid. there are no good choices in egypt. the fact is, there are no good guys there. >> where are we headed for? algeria. the brotherhood will go underground, al qaeda will come to their aid, you will have armed people on your hands in the next 60, 90 days, have a failed system in egypt, have to suspend our aid because we can't support the reaction of the military, even though the brotherhood overplaying their hand started this, we can't
3:39 pm
support what the military is doing in response. >> the violence is increasing in egypt on the ground. today's developments, hosni mubarak, the former president, will be released according to the interim government in coming days. we have some polls out about the handling of u.s., egypt policy. first, a better approach for the u.s. to egypt? cut off military aid to pressure the government, 51%. continue the military aid, 26%, don't know, 23% from pew. the president's response to the violence against anti-government protesters, not tough enough. 50%. there you see the rest. don't know, 32%. what about this debate and u.s. policy overall? let's bring in panel. steve hayes, dana eastin, and juan williams. steve? >> any discussion about u.s. policy in egypt has to start with failure of u.s. policy in
3:40 pm
the past couple years. the fact is, the president hasn't had a strategy. what we've been doing is ad hoc policy making where we jump from decision to decision, we seem to make our determination about what's in the best interest of the united states based on the prevailing attitudes of people both here and there and what kind of pushes we're getting from our allies overseas. in the latest effort, i don't know what the administration should do, candidly. things are so -- there's not an obvious path for the u.s. to take. if we cut off aid, we lose any ability or much of our ability to shape outcomes there. on the other hand, you can't appear to be countenancing this violence, even if the administration is sort of backing in a conditioned way, backing what's taking place. it would be great if you could layout conditions for continuation of aid, no more violence, make the new regime push toward elections and
3:41 pm
restoration of democracy. the problem is i don't think anybody takes our word seriously there. >> that's the big issue because you have gulf state, saudi arabia, uae, others, putting in billions of dollars that trump our 1.6 billion. >> 12 billion from saudi arabia, uae and kuwait. that completely trumps it. i think the limits of our leverage were so starkly shown in the past couple days when it came to light that secretary of defense hagel personally called egypt's military leader 17 times to plead with them not to go ahead with violent crackdowns against protesters and he was ignored, and frankly senator mccain and senator graham were there, making similar pleas, trying to cut similar deals and were also ignored. there's a limit to how much leverage we have. this army is not -- we're so far away from democracy, we're not even operating under rule of law now. the army is crushing the
3:42 pm
opposition, determined to crush, decapitate the muslim brotherhood, that's so far away from any sense of political inclusion. i agree with steve, i'm not sure what we do now, the administration cutting off economic aid, put off military exercises. i think senator graham is right when he says we're heading down the road of an armed insurgency fighting the military. it is chaos. >> juan, secretary hagel and senator mccain, listen to this. >> all we're doing to influence the outcome in egypt is limited. it is up to the egyptian people. and they're a large, great sovereign nation and it will be their responsibility to sort this out. >> we have no credibility. we do have influence, but when you don't use that influence then you do not have that
3:43 pm
influence. >> essentially they're saying that the ability for the u.s. to change anything on the ground has really gone away. >> well, it is the ability to feel that you're a key player that's gone away. what you have is a situation where the united states, of course, supported the arab spring and is in support of the idea of expanding democracy in the middle east. but then you bring in american interests and not far away israeli interest in stabilizing what's taking place right now in egypt, and the fact that as nina just articulated, you have the united arab emirates, saudis, kuwa kuwaitis. >> because they see it as a threat to their regime. >> i don't understand any confusion on the part of the united states. muslim brotherhood is our enemy. we shouldn't be supporting anybody pushing back against them. >> so why are we? >> you heard lindsey graham,
3:44 pm
senator graham did a great job breaking it down. his opinion, muslim brotherhood and morsi overplayed their hand. he said that's what started this. on the other hand, we can't be inconsistent in terms of american values. what senator graham predicted was this will leave muslim brotherhood and supporters in terms of other terrorist organizations to create some underground movement or opposition inside of egypt, and really, you're going to have a civil war. let me ask you, if there's a civil war, where does the u.s. belong? we belong on the side of the military. we should be fighting those guys! >> so there's the issue. >> but on the other hand, if you look at the way the administration handled the muslim brotherhood and leaders when they had power, we didn't do any of those things, we didn't push back hard, make any demands. we have an ambassador that met only or largely with representatives of the muslim brotherhood and the government and excluded all of the liberal small democratic groups. that's i think the source of u.s. policy in egypt.
3:45 pm
we were late to mubarak, then we backed the ouster of mubarak, then we sort of -- we couldn't makeup our mind what to do with morsi. it has been confused policy from beginning to end. >> the army now is talking about morsi is in jail for allegations that date back years about a jail break. now the military is saying they want to accuse him, criminal charges, for cracking down on the opposition as the army is cracking down on the opposition. i mean, where does that leave us? >> i think clearly what you had was in terms of u.s. policy, the u.s. government saying we support democracy, going to try to do business with morsi, try to push him in the right direction so that he would not become an autocrat like mubarak was. morsi hated the united states and hated the ambassador because they felt you weren't doing enough. we were trying to reach out to them. now we're being punished for having reached out and trying to
3:46 pm
promote democracy? >> i don't think it is because of that, they hate us because they hate us. one thing obama administration can make clear is that release of mubarak would be a bad, bad thing. the reason we supported the ouster of hosni mubarak in the first place was because of the bill of particulars that the protesters in tahrir square and elsewhere laid out, he was an autocrat, abuse of power, killed hundreds of people. were we now not able to speak out forcefully about the release while he is held for the same charges -- i think it is foolish. >> the court ordered relief. that's what his lawyer said. how do you want to say to the military, don't follow what the courts tell you if you believe in this democracy? >> because we don't see the rule of law operating in egypt the way the rule of law has been operating. >> i am all with you. you have to be clear to say we're fighting islamists, and we are with people that fight islamists. next up, the president says republicans want to hurt
3:47 pm
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>> there is also a group of republicans in congress working hard to confuse people. they are actually have a debate between hurting americans who will no longer be denied affordable healthcare just because they've been sick and harming the economy and millions of americans in the process. >> republicans control the house of representatives. they should stand up, use that power to, at the very least, make this lawless bad, delay it, do something we can to protect the american public from this law, or, if we do nothing, we're just saying to the president, hey, you get your way. but that's not really what the government is about. when the government is divided, we should use the leverage of controlling at least part of government to
3:51 pm
try to get the law more to our liking. >> bret: we're getting ready for a big standoff over the president's healthcare law and how that all fits into the budget battles to come in coming weeks. here is an editorial from the president's hometown in chicago. chicago tribune says this, quote: let's delay and rewrite this ill conceived law. congress need not start from scratch. lawmakers can build on what all of us have learned from three years of painful trial and error. three years of attempting but failing to make this clumsy, monstrosity work for the american people. that from the chicago tribune. we're back with the panel. juan, how do you see this? and the president using those words republicans want to hurt americans. >> well, i think there is no question, republicans and especially in the senate you are talking about senator cruise, senator lee, senator rubio, i mean, they want to defeat
3:52 pm
obama care. in the house you have had the 40 votes against wanting to defeat obama care. now i think you see even an advocacy campaign, heritage action and others going out there to say people on august recess, here is the reason to defeat obama care. they have not had, in this congress, one vote he among republicans on an alternative to obama care. that's why president obama is out there saying all you are trying to do is defeat obama care. i think most republicans would agree that's their agenda. >> bret: to your point the president mentioned that at his news conference last week and republicans pushed back. >> at least they used to say, well, we are going to replace it with something better. there is not even a pretense now that they are going to replace it with something better. >> we audited to be moving in the direction of patient center healthcare. patients, family and doctors making medical decisions not washington, d.c. we can do that that's just what the administration chose not to do. but for the president to
3:53 pm
say that no republican member of congress has put up a positive solution or a solution to the healthcare challenges is simply not true. >> dr. pryce, congressman price has his own plan there are a number of different plans, nina that republicans have put forward. what about that whole back and forth about republicans don't have a plan? >> i think it's interesting. i think it's very reminiscent of the 2012 presidential campaign. because sort of how this white house is operating on this. which is you define your opponents by describing them as obstructionists, you know, mean, don't have a plan of their own. and you -- and you spend millions of dollars. you talk about the millions on one side. the white house obvious solid spending millions of dollars to sell its plan. and you have got polls have showing a drop in the favorable, unfavorable, the favorable approval of obama care. it doesn't necessarily mean people become opponents.
3:54 pm
they are actually in the confused category. so there are the independent voter category. what have you is this president trying to win over independent voters just like in the 2012 election. so he is trying to get ahead of the curve, ahead of the curve on things like that chicago tribune editorial. there is a lot of negative press out there about obama care right now. there is concern about rising premiums. there is concern that employers are not hiring full-time employees they want to stick to part time employees because they don't want to fall under the mandate. concerns about the businessman date being pushed off a year. legal concerns about how the white house is handling. this so, basically, he is trying to get ahead of the curve with the very playing hard ball against his opponents. >> >> bret: i think it's $67 million the administration is spending on trying to sell obama care and push it out. >> for now. >> for now. >> that number will increase. >> bret: i think it was senator paul this weekend
3:55 pm
who said there are something like 45 million people without health insurance, maybe use that 67 million and 45 million health insurance. >> each one could have a chunk. [ laughter ] >> i think it's totally disingenuous that the president problems with obama care are coming from a group of republicans in washington. literally, look at any poll that's been taken over the past two and a half years. everybody opposes obama care, republicans, independence, majority of independence owe oppose obama care. the real problem he is facing the number of democrats who oppose or at least have additional questions about obama care and talk about harming the economy. we genesee poll after poll suggesting that businesses are either freezing or cutting hiring because of concerns about obama care. that's what's harming the economy. >> this won't be the last panel on this topic. that's it for this panel. stay tuned for a serious case of road rage.
3:56 pm
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>> bret: some interesting video sometimes here at the end. finally don't, do you ever feel like your g.p.s. is yelling at you in the car imagine in that navigator was a real person not just a machine. a driver named samir was competing in the national rally championship in india and his navigator apparently was not too happy with his performance behind the wheel. >> 15. sharp right, sharp right. listen, you have -- please, i beg you. immediate left, immediate left. stay on the road. double, double. what are you doing? [ laughter ] >> what are you doing my friend?
4:00 pm
[ laughter ] >> that's what i said, interesting video. finally he was just saying shut up. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. ♪ ♪ veteran actor dick van dyke rescued from a burning car on a l.a. freeway. the dramatic story just in to fox news. plus, beauty and the blade runner. the olympic athlete cries in court. the olympic athlete oscar prestorous indicted for killing his magazine model girlfriend. he claims he thought she was an intruder. prosecutors say they can prove that's not how this went down. did the british military assassinate princess diana? plenty of people call it just another conspiracy theory.

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